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Project "Civil Society and Local Public Administration of Calafat and Vidin construct a cross-border cooperation model" - DESCRIPTION

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Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 is co-financed by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund
Name Civil Society and Local Public Administration of Calafat and Vidin construct a cross-border cooperation model
Ref.No 2(4i)-3.3-9, MIS-ETC Code 550
Territory Municipalities of Vidin, Bulgaria and Calafat, Romania
Period of implementation 12 months (04.07.2013 - 03.07.2014)
Aims Overall Objective: Development the capacity of local government from Calafat - Romania and Vidin - Bulgaria to adapt to new requirements of E.U by improvement cooperation between local public authorities (LPA) on issues of mutual interest, harmonization of local services and cross border skills training activities for LPA in , specially in providing integrated services to the community; Specific objective 1: Responsible development of local capacity for governance, by pooling resources, sharing of best practices, collaboration in planning and execution of programs through public-private partnerships; Specific objective 2: Creating a stable partnership relations across borders between local public authorities and NGOs through the improving information flow and communication
Activities 1. Specific activities for an efficient management and administration of the project; 2. Creating Cross border skills training center for local authorities and NGOs aiming integrated service delivery to local communities; 3. 3 Exchange of experiences sessions on issues of common local interest; 4. 4 Joint working sessions of local authorities from Calafat and Vidin; 5. Workshops session addressed to local authorities and civil society; 6. Annual Forum "Calafat-Vidin - pole of cross-border economic competitiveness; 7. Elaborate the "Strategy for sustainable development of cross border area Calafat-Vidin"; 8. Activities for promoting and visibility of the project.
Expected results 1 functional training center, 1 preparatory meeting of exchange of experience, 4 exchanges of experience made between LPAs of Vidin and Calafat (120 participants), 2 preparatory meetings of joint working meetings of the LPA, the LPA 4 joint working meetings of Calafat and Vidin LPAs (240 participants), 3 workshops (60 participants), 1 Forum 1 transfer (80 participants)
Taget groups Decision makers of local public authorities (LPA), specialists from institutions subordinated from Calafat and Vidin municipality; Specialists and officials of decentralized government institutions from Calafat-Vidin cross border area; representatives of NGOs and businesses environment from Calafat-Vidin cross border area; The population of the Calafat-Vidin cross border area, located on both sides of the Danube.
Leading partner Local Employers' Associaton for Small and Middle Enterprise - LEASME, Calafat, Romania
Total project amount 218 934,80 EUR





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