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1. The Coalition is a non-profit and non-governmental union of citizens, representatives of civil sector, business, local authorities and media from Vidin, Bulgaria and Calafat, Romania.
2. The Goal of the Coalition is to protect the best interest of the local communities from Vidin and Calafat in the process of Vidin - Calafat Bridge construction and all accompanied activities.
3. In its activities the Coalition will abide by the following principles:
- Democracy;
- Voluntary participation and freedom of choice;
- Equality and transparency;
- Religious and political independence;
- Stimulation of initiative, activity, and participation.
4. To achieving its goal the Coalition can develop all non-forbidden legal activities, as for example:
- Free distribution of information;
- Education and other capacity building activities;
- Holding of advocacy campaigns;
- Monitoring, etc.
5. The membership in the Coalition is voluntary. It is open for membership to every physical person who accepts the Statue, shares the goal of the Coalition and assists in its realization.
6. The General Assembly on the basis of written request approves new members of the Coalition. In this request the candidate must notify that they share the goal of the Coalition and are in agreement with the present Statue.
7. Every member of the Coalition has the right:
- To participate in the meetings of the Coalition;
- To vote and to be elected as a Chairman;
- To be informed about the activities of the Coalition;
- To voluntarily leave the Coalition, with notification in written form.
8. Every member of the Coalition is obligated:
- To respect the Statue, to execute the decisions of the General Assembly;
- To contribute to the achievement of the aims of the Coalition;
- To endorse the good name of the Coalition;
- To not use in any way the membership in the Coalition for aims which are against the goal or the Statute.
9. The membership in the Coalition will discontinue:
- With unilateral decision-making to the Coalition;
- With leaving or dropping out.
10. The managing body of the Coalition is the General Assembly. The General Assembly is its supreme body and is composed of all of its members. The General Assembly:
- Modifies the Statute, approves other internal acts;
- Elects and dismisses the Chairman;
- Accepts and rejects members;
- Approves basic directions and programs for the activities of the Coalition.
11. The General Assembly summons from the Chairman with written invitation, at least 10 days before the set day. In the invitation the agenda is registered, the date, place and time of the meeting's implementation. The General Assembly can summon and at the request of one third of the members of the Coalition.
12. In the General Assembly every member has the right to one vote. They make the decision with a simple majority of votes of the attendees.
13. The Chairman of the Coalition leads the current activities of the Coalition and is elected from the General Assembly.
14. The General Assembly can approve other helping bodies for consistently, or temporarily, with concretely defined tasks.

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